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Glamour Photography


Glamour photography, or what some call 'Glamour Shots,' is the main focus of Portrait Adventures. Most people have a good idea of what glamour photography is. Here, we will try to describe in greater detail what you can expect out of a glamour shoot at our Studio.


A glamour photo shoot takes about 3 hours to complete. If your shoot runs a little long, we won't worry. However, if you are just having too much fun for this to end, you can choose to extend your shoot at an hourly rate of $75.00. When your shoot does end, we will do all we can to help you get on your way. We invite clients to stay to enjoy a beverage with us and talk about the shoot. You will probably want to plan your next shoot as well. We won't kick you to the curb!


All shoots start with a consultation. We sit down and map out what you want to accomplish in your photo shoot. First off, we will ask you what you want to accomplish? Some girls want to reaffirm they are pretty, others want revenge photos (I'll show him who he dumped), still others are getting great photos for a loved one, but most girls come in just to have fun. Regardless of your reasons, we will work to achieve your goals. Next we will find out what look you are going for: 'classy and sexy' (this is our most popular look, its more glamorous then normal but not so far over the top as to look cheap), 'fresh' (look like you do everyday, with a bit of extra polish), 'sultry'(dramatic makeup and sexy or exotic costuming),'stranger' (many people want to look like someone they have never been, this is another popular theme) 'fantasy' (highly specialized makeup like butterfly, or lizard or some other fanciful idea) These are just a few possibilities, and we will work with you to find a look that fits who you are and want to be.

Classy and Sexy
The Stranger

There are limitations to what we can do, we can't make you look like a teenager 'unless you already are one', we can't shave off 100 pounds, but we can make you look years younger and definitely give you the photos you have always dreamed of.


Our first stop is wardrobe. Many girls bring a few changes of clothes. Some girls bring several suitcases. Regardless, we will go through what you have brought and plan a shoot based on the look you have chosen and your clothing. We often supplement your shoot content with our own wardrobe. We have a huge selection of dresses at Portrait Adventures. Our wardrobe is contained in an 18' x 18', 2 tiered closet with 143 feet of hanging rod. We have 1200 dresses on display for you to choose from. We have another 800 dresses on racks for fresh costuming content. Dress sizes run 0 to 28 with more in the standard sizes. We have something that will fit most everyone. The types of our dresses range from the styles of the 60's through contemporary fashions, with a stop in every decade. We have a nice selection of fancy formals, prom dresses and wedding gowns. In addition we have a great collection of Victorian Gowns with all the hoop skirts and petticoats to match. And if that were not enough, we also have fun renaissance wear. Between our dresses and what you have brought we will come up with what you want to wear and we can go to the next phase which is Makeup. Many times a photo shoot turns into a night of playing 'dress up'. We always have a good time, this is going to be fun!


In our consultation we learned what look you are going for. After deciding what you are going to wear, we can work out a makeup scheme to match both the look and colors that are best for your glamour shoot. Makeup will take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. This will depend on how intricate of a look we are going for and any special challenges a particular face might give us. We will start by determining what color of foundation will suit you best. We use airbrush makeup by Graftobian for our foundation. We carry 31 different foundation colors and special color correctors to match any possible skin tone. We have considerable experience in various skin colors. Ladies of color will be glad to know they are in the deft hands of a professional who is well in tune with the unique characteristics of ethnic skin.

After we determine your foundation color we will check your eyebrows, if you desire, we can reshape and clean them up. Eyebrows frame your face and its very important to have them look their best. Once the eyebrows are in order we will use moisturizers, concealers, and cream based foundations to prep your skin for the air brush make up. Air brush makeup is applied with a low pressure airbrush (think of it as a tiny paint sprayer). The makeup goes on very thin and light. It does a good job of evenly covering blemishes and skin irregularities. It makes your complexion look even and allows your natural skin to show through. This a single color product, and we sometimes use more than one foundation color if there is a large color variance within your face, as is common in many African American women. An air brush blush is then added to give a healthy glow to your face. We augment the airbrush makeup with a bevy of powders. It is not uncommon to use over 10 different colors in a makeover. Human skin is made up of many colors, the makeup going over it needs to mimic natural skin while letting it show through.

We pay special attention to your eyes and lips. "The eyes are the windows of the soul" it is said; we want your eyes to brighten up your face like a well lit window brightens up a room. Choosing the right eye shadow is usually a great challenge. We will likely ask you what colors you feel look best on you. We have over 250 eye shadow colors in our pallet. We also make custom eye shadow colors using professional cosmetic pigments and application media. There are several different mediums as well. We have water based colors, loose powders, pressed powder pans, waterproof shades and even acrylic airbrush skin paints. We never know for sure what we will use until we custom design your makeup scheme. Because it is an easy way to spread eye infections, we never use mascara, instead all of our clients receive a free pair of false eyelashes. It takes a little while to get used to them but all the clients love them and the way they accentuate their look. The eyes are finished off with the right eye liner and then its onto the lips.

The lips are just as important as the eyes when it comes to sculpting your face. The right shade and shape are very important. We can bring back the full lip look of younger years. As we age our lips thin, the right makeup application reverses this. Our makeup is designed for photography, therefore it is going to be heavier than you would wear during the day. Your makeup has to show through the bright studio lighting. The last thing we want is our subject to look washed out. With your lips and eyes done we will do a final blend, and then its time to dress.

Putting the look together

We have a full size dressing room with a large mirror, (so you can decide if you want to be seen in what you have just tried on) hanger space and drawers to help you organize your things. We will pick a first outfit, and then work on accessorizing it. We have racks of costume jewelry and a nice selection of heels to supplement the shoes and items you have brought. For the girl looking for that 'girl I have never seen' look we also have a large number of wigs. Want to see what you look like as a blonde, brunette, red head, we have them all and in many styles. We have a good deal of hair accessories as well, we will help you put together a full look that anyone would be proud of. We want you to know you look great, there are many mirrors throughout the studio confirm your confidence. With a tweak and a twist you will be ready for the camera and it's off to shoot some great photos.

Model Coaching

One of the greatest helps we offer is a professional modeling coach. Leigh is amazing at helping a girl find and learn the poses that look natural and beautiful. She is happy to help through out your entire shoot. By the end of your time with us you will be able to pose naturally and place yourself perfectly for the camera. Very few people come to a shoot full of confidence, knowing exactly what they are going to do or how they are going to look. We take the time to work with you as an individual and make your shoot a real adventure into photography. A glamour shoot is a great way for aspiring models to get a taste for what a modeling career might be like, as well as some great photos for her portfolio. In fact, one of our shoots fairly closely resembles what a real model might go through on a professional modeling shoot.


During a shoot we will take hundreds of photos. In a professional modeling shoot they take an enormous amount of photographs and then sift through them to get the few killer shots that they use. Our shoots are no different. There will be many very good photos and some not so good. You get them all, you can go through them at your leisure and choose the ones you like. Quite often a pose that you thought was goofy turns out to be the special photo you never thought possible. We can crop and edit the select photos you like without a need to come back and choose the photos you want to purchase. The photos you receive are full size (actually very large) 5 meg+ and the file type is jpeg. The images are placed on a high quality DVD(s). We know you have a busy schedule and you don't have time to come back to be pressured into purchasing larger, more expensive packages. You take home everything we shoot and you are granted rights in writing to do whatever you like with your photos.

The Wrap Up

After all the photos are taken and while your files are being put on DVD(s) we will help you pack up everything you brought to your shoot. If you feel you have time, we may go through some of the photos and help you choose some favorites. Many times we discuss scheduling another shoot and other cool ideas for future shoots. We may ask you to allow us to use some of your photos in our print and internet advertising. We know your time is valuable and will try to get you out the door as soon as you need. If you are of the mind, we enjoy sitting and chatting about your experience at our studio. Our shoots are an adventure in photography and we hope you will 'let your inner beauty come out and play'.


We try hard to keep our services simple, however there are times when options are called for. We have 2 options for glamour photography shoots. First, we offer photo cropping and retouching. We will crop 20 photos from your shoot to focus the shot on you in the best way possible. We will then professionally retouch 10 of the photos to make them even more beautiful then they already are. We will correct any skin blemishes that the airbrush makeup might have missed. We can reduce lines, remove shadows and generally present you as perfect as possible while keeping the photos looking like you. You more than likely wont even realize the photos have been retouched other than you look better. You can have our experts choose the photos, or you can look at them at home and e-mail the list of images you would like edited. in most cases, the edits will be sent you within 3 working days . The cost for this great service is 50$ and due the day of your shoot. We do keep a copy of your shoot and you can order this option at a later date. Secondly, we will allow you to extend the length of your glamour shoot to get more photos, try on more outfits, and to have more fun. The cost of extending your shoot is $75.00 / hour.


Glamour Photography about 3 hours $175.00
Studio Croping and Retouching ready in 3 days $50.00
Additional Hours if you want a longer shoot $75.00 / hour