$175.00 Senior Photo Package

What you get:

Number of Photos

200+:  We will take as many photos as time allows. Almost always over 200 and sometimes as many as 500

You take them all home with you that day.

Number of Outfits

4:  or as many as we can squeeze in. If the shoot goes a few extra minutes to get that perfect shot, no problem and no extra cost.

We have a large wardrobe for extra looks


We have several onsite industrial settings for your teens photos along with offering our exclusive virtual background system. We can change backgrounds in seconds. These are not green screen, They are real and there is no post photo editing the look is real because it is!

Even personalized custom background

1 - 1.5 hours:  We will work with you to get the photos you want and have always dreamed of.


 That is a flat price, we wont try to up sell you into expensive packages

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